Warning: (Frail)
Humans at Work

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See No Evil - Hear No
Evil - Speak No Evil

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Policing Can't Fix
What Really Ails

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Confirmation Bias
Can be Lethal

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When (Very) Hard
Heads Collide (II)

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What Cops

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Punishment Isn't
a Cop's Job (III)

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San Antonio

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the Watchers

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Good News /
Bad News

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Is Diversion
the Answer?

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"Legal" Gun Buyers
Can be a Problem

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Fearful, Angry,
And Armed.

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Piling On
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Are We Helpless
to Prevent Massacres?

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A Broken "System"
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When Worlds

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Punishment Isn't
a Cop's Job (II)

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Does Race
Drive Policing?

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Race and Ethnicity
Aren't Pass/Fail

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Wrong Place,
Wrong Time, Wrong Cop

(#444, 2/8/24)

Recent exonerees set
soul-wrenching records for
length of wrongful imprisonment

America's Violence-Beset
Capital City

(#443, 1/20/24)

Washington D.C. is plagued by
murder. Has the President noticed?

Are Civilians Too Easy
on the Police? (II)

(#442, 12/18/23)

Exonerated of murder,
but not yet done






2/20/24 “Auto sears” are small, illegal devices that convert guns into “machineguns” that fire fully automatically, expelling numerous rounds with a single trigger squeeze. While Federally banned, they can be bought from online sources or made at home with a 3-D printer. Those peddled for use in Glock 9mm. pistols (called “Glock switches”) have become especially popular and are being increasingly used in violent crimes; most recently, in the January 2024 murder of Mississippi Deputy Sheriff Jeremy Malone. Related post

Louisiana Governor (and ex-cop) Jeff Landry declared a statewide “state of emergency” over a shortage of police officers. Landry campaigned for office on a crime-reduction platform - Louisiana’s murder rate is one of the highest in the U.S. - and his action temporarily removes bars for hiring deputy sheriffs, whose numbers are 1,800 short statewide. According to PERF, it’s not only Louisiana. Officer resignations and retirements surged nationwide after the George Floyd episode and the pandemic. In 2022 resignations were 47% higher than in 2019, while retirements increased by 19%. Related post

2/19/24 Charles McGonigal led the FBI’s New York City office between 2017 and his retirement in 2018. He’s just been sentenced to 28 months in prison for accepting $225,000 to secretly “advance” the business interests of an Albanian man while McGonigal conducted official duties abroad. This follows on a 50-month term handed out to McGonigal in December for money laundering and other crimes. Related post

To help identify problematic gun dealers, ATF has long kept a list of those which sold twenty-five or more guns in a single year that wound up being seized by police within three years of their sale. And to help identify unlicensed gun marketers, stores that wind up on the list must submit quarterly information about their sale of used guns. USA Today got access to the lists. More than half of Turner’s Outdoorsman stores are on them. Related post

“Senseless” killings plague the land. In a Minneapolis suburb, two police officers and a paramedic who responded to a domestic violence call were shot and killed by a heavily armed man who opened fire after “hours” of “negotiation.”  Another officer was wounded, and the shooter was killed. And in San Bernardino, California, an angry motorist reacted to a minor parking lot fender-bender by shooting and killing the driver of the other car. The shooter, who apparently had a serious mental history, used an unregistered 9mm. pistol. She was booked on murder charges. Related post

COVID-19 fraud prosecutions continue. In a major case, a pair of Georgia residents face decades in prison after a jury convicted them of orchestrating a scheme that drained more than $11 million dollars from the Paycheck Protection Program. Testimony revealed that they and several accomplices submitted documents that claimed they employed dozens of employees and incurred major expenses running a number of businesses. Alas, there were neither employees nor businesses. COVID updates

2/16/24 With a population of about 150,000 and a grisly 118 murders, Jackson, Mississippi, the state’s capital city, reportedly had the nation’s worst homicide rate last year, about twice Detroit’s in magnitude. To lessen the toll, a collaborative effort involving local and state police, the FBI and DEA is now in effect. Aimed at violent offenders and drug traffickers, “Operation Unified” ostensibly settles a protracted dispute between the “Reds” and “Blues” about the best way to bring down crime. Related posts 1   2

2/15/24 Kansas City’s football team had already left on buses when, despite the presence of “more than 800” police officers, gunfire broke out at the end of a parade celebrating the Chief’s Super Bowl victory. One person was killed and twenty-one were wounded, including eight children. Fans pursued several suspects, and three were detained. Several firearms were also recovered. Related posts 1   2

Three D.C. police officers were shot and wounded, none seriously, as they forced their way into a residence to arrest its occupant for animal cruelty. Thirteen hours later, their as-yet unidentified assailant was taken into custody. He had fired on the officers through the door. Two were struck in the lower legs and a third was shot twice in his ballistic vest. He was bruised but the bullets didn't penetrate. Related post

2/14/24 Chicago’s progressives are applauding Mayor Brandon Johnson’s decision to carry through on his promise to cancel the contract with ShotSpotter, whose gunshot detection sensors are deployed in some of the city’s most violent sectors. But with nearly 3,000 shootings in Chicago last year, his move, which will take effect in October, is opposed by law enforcement, which values the instant notifications that the sensors can bring, independently of 9-1-1. Related post

Denver prides itself on the support it offers immigrants. But as of January it’s received 40,000, many bused by Texas Governor Abbott. On top of its homelessness problem, for a city of 750,000 the burden of providing for the arrivals is overwhelming. Renting hotel rooms and such will consume $180 million this year. That’s ten percent of the city budget. So it’s being forced to throttle back. Immigration updates   Related post

In their second try, by a one-vote margin, House Republicans impeached Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Secretary Mayorkas, the first sitting cabinet member ever impeached, is accused of “willfully and systematically” turning his back on the enforcement of immigration laws, and of falsely asserting that the border is secure. But a trial seems unlikely, as the Senate, which is where it would take place, is controlled by the “Blues.” Immigration updates   Related post

2/13/24 In New York City’s violence-stricken Bronx, a quarrel between teens on a subway train led to gunfire as passengers debarked during the Monday afternoon rush hour. A 34-year old man was killed and five persons were wounded, including a 14-year old girl and a 15-year old boy. Commenting on the episode, NYC Mayor Eric Adams, who has touted a citywide crime drop, lamented that “not only people must be actually safe, but what we have done in lowering crime, they must feel safe.” Related post

2/12/24 Accompanied by a young child, an unidentified woman in her thirties walked into a Houston megachurch between services on Sunday afternoon and opened fire with an “AR-15” rifle. Two off-duty police officers working security fired back, killing her. Her child was critically injured, and a parishioner was wounded. Her rifle was reportedly marked “Free Palestine”, but her motives are as yet unknown. Related post

California’s new CARE Court allows individuals to seek judicial orders compelling severely distressed family members to undergo psychiatric examinations and, if necessary, submit to custodial or non-custodial treatment. But initial indications are not promising. A Los Angeles woman who is seeking to have her schizophrenic, drug-abusing estranged husband brought before a judge has experienced a more than two-month delay in finding out whether her petition was even accepted. Related post

In response to the pandemic and anger over the George Floyd episode, in 2020 Denver police substantially dialed back on pedestrian and vehicle stops, disorder arrests, and drug arrests. An academic inquiry concludes that the reduction in stops was associated with statistically significant increases in violent crime, and the reduction in drug arrests with a significant increase in property crime. Related post

Using smuggled cell phones and messaging tools such as WhatsApp, California’s imprisoned Mexican Mafia bosses control street drug deals throughout Los Angeles. A current Federal case uses transcripts of online chats to detail the interactions between Carlos Reyes, who is serving a 54-year murder term, and his “employees.” In one, he tells an 18-year old runner to deliver $900 worth of drugs and keep $50 for himself. In another, he authorizes an underling to keep $100 from a $10,000 haul. Related post

Gun violence continues to beset Chicago’s impoverished “Little Village” neighborhood (i.e., South Lawndale). During the morning hours of February 10 police came across the body of a man who had been shot in the head and in the back. And early the very next morning an argument turned into a shooting that wounded five persons and left a 30-year old woman in critical condition. The as-yet unidentified gunman fled in a van. Related posts 1   2

2/9/24 In September 2018 Illinois man Torrey Lewis was arrested and charged with the July 2017 shooting death of a disabled man. Lewis was held on a high bond, but in 2020 he was released on electronic monitoring because of the pandemic. Since then, provisions of Illinois’ 2021 SAFE-T Act, which eliminated cash bail, granted Lewis unmonitored “free time” each week. And on January 31 he took advantage, driving a stolen car at “over 100” MPH and getting involved in a car-to-car shootout in which he and three others were wounded. Prosecutors want him detained when released from the hospital. Related posts 1   2

2/8/24 Rejecting the police union’s claim that easing up endangers public safety, a Federal judge approved a plan that radically changes how New York City manages protests. To settle a lawsuit filed by the State A.G. and civil rights groups, the city agreed to prohibit “kettling”, the boxing-in of protesters. Officers must follow a staged approach. Its final stage - actively moving in - can only happen if protesters try to breach a sensitive location, or when widespread crimes render lesser methods ineffective. Related posts 1   2

2/7/24 Oakland’s marked increase in violent crime and theft, which seem badly out of synch with other cities, has upset the local NAACP chapter. It urges tougher measures to protect vulnerable minority communities. “If there are no consequences for committing crime in Oakland, crime will continue to soar.” To help, Calif. Governor Kevin Newsom is sending 120 CHP officers. But he resists tinkering with the much-maligned Proposition 47, which eased criminal penalties. Some now blame that for more crime. Related posts 1   2

Jennifer Crumbley, the mother of the youth who used his parents’ handgun to kill four classmates and wound seven others at Michigan’s Oxford High School in November 2021, was convicted of four counts of involuntary manslaughter. Testimony revealed that she and husband James Crumbley, who’s pending trial, helped teach their son how to use the gun and ignored clear indications of his mental distress. She could get up to fifteen years on each count, with credit for 2 1/2 years served in jail. Related post


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